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How to add a new approval condition

How to add a new approval condition

The order approval component provides a set of conditions for defining your approval rules. However, if you need to add a new condition, you can do so via an app or a plugin.


Each condition is represented by a class that extends the abstract class Shopware\Commercial\B2B\OrderApproval\Domain\ApprovalRule\Rule\OrderApprovalRule. To add a new condition, you need to create a new class that extends the OrderApprovalRule class and implements the match and getConstraints methods. The match method is used to determine if the condition is met, and the getConstraints method is used to define the field, value or operator constraints that can be used in the condition.


<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace YourPluginNameSpace;

use Shopware\Commercial\B2B\OrderApproval\Domain\ApprovalRule\Rule\OrderApprovalRule;

class CartAmountRule extends OrderApprovalRule
    final public const RULE_NAME = self::PREFIX . 'cart-amount';

    public const AMOUNT = 1000;

    protected float $amount;

     * @internal
    public function __construct(
        protected string $operator = self::OPERATOR_GTE,
        ?float $amount = self::AMOUNT
    ) {
        $this->amount = (float) $amount;

     * @throws UnsupportedOperatorException
    public function match(RuleScope $scope): bool
        if (!$scope instanceof CartRuleScope) {
            return false;

        return RuleComparison::numeric($scope->getCart()->getPrice()->getTotalPrice(), $this->amount, $this->operator);

    public function getConstraints(): array
        return [
            'amount' => RuleConstraints::float(),
            'operator' => RuleConstraints::numericOperators(false),

    public function getConfig(): RuleConfig
        return (new RuleConfig())

And then tag your class with the shopware.approval_rule.definition tag:

 <service id="YourPluginNameSpace\CartAmountRule" public="true">
    <tag name="shopware.approval_rule.definition"/>


We have not yet added support for extending custom OrderApprovalRules for the app.