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Using Utility functions

Using Utility functions

Utility functions in the Shopware 6 Administration are registered to the Shopware object and are therefore accessible everywhere in the Administration. They provide many useful shortcuts for common tasks, see all of them here in our reference section.


All you need for this guide is a running Shopware 6 instance, the files and preferably a registered module. Of course you'll have to understand JavaScript. However, that's a prerequisite for Shopware as a whole and will not be taught as part of this documentation.

Accessing the Utility functions

As noted in the introduction utils in the Shopware 6 Administration are bound to the Shopware global object. Learn more about that here.

In this very short example we'll show you how to use a function of utility functions, in this case the capitalizeString function. The capitalizeString function in turn calls the lodash capitalize function wich as the name implies capitalizes strings.

// <plugin-root>/src/Resources/app/administration/app/src/component/swag-basic-example/index.js
const { Component, Utils } = Shopware;

Component.register('swag-basic-example', {

    data: function () {
        return {
            string: 'hello',
            capitalizedString: undefined

    created: function () {

    methods: {
        capitalize() {
            this.capitalizedString = Utils.string.capitalizeString(this.string);

An overview of all the functions

In the example before we just used the deepCopy function, but there more functions than reasonable to display in this guide.

If want to look up at all available utility functions, take a look at the previously mentioned reference page

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