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Release notes Shopware


Release notes Shopware


This minor release comes with a bunch of new features and improvements like a 3D/AR model viewer, PHP 8.3 support, performance improvements and more, and we could also fix a lot of bugs. Thanks for your code contributions once again!

System requirements

  • tested on PHP 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3
  • tested on MySQL 8.0.33, MariaDB 10.4. 10.5, 10.11 & 11.0


Spatial Commerce (3D/AR Model Viewer)

It is now possible to upload 3D Model files as product picture and they are visible in a 3D Model Viewer or as Augmented Reality in the Product Detail Page.

Performance Improvments

  • Symfony Inline class loader is now disabled by default and generates smaller PHP Container in cache.
  • Shopware Storefront NPM packages can be now installed with npm install --production to install only build relevant tools
  • Improved SQL search config performance in order module. Searching in 30k orders
  • Optimized the variant listing in Administration to do less API calls
  • Added new enviroment variable SHOPWARE_ADMIN_SKIP_SOURCEMAP_GENERATION to skip source map generation while building the Administration to build faster

PHP 8.3 support

Shopware is fully PHP 8.3 compatible.

Dependency Updates

We updated the dependencies of the Storefront to the newest version, also we upgraded Symfony from 6.3 to 6.4. The Symfony 7.0 upgrade is planned for Shopware 6.6.

404 Page Language handling

The 404 page, does now consider again the user's language when the 404 page is cached.

Admin Request Tracing

All API calls from the Administration now add a header shopware-admin-active-route to be able to trace API errors occures back to single Administration modules.

Elasticsearch/OpenSearch scripts are not stored anymore inside the Server

To simplify the OpenSearch/Elasticsearch upgrades, we don't store scripts anymore inside the server. Shopware now sends the scripts with the search queries.

Preparations for Shopware 6.6

We deprecated the old Shopware Kernel Wrapper (Shopware\Core\HttpKernel) and implemented the new improved Shopware Kernel for Edge Side Includes behind new KernelFactory factory. If you depend on the Kernel Wrapper besides public/index.php, bin/console and bin/ci, make sure to update your Code to the new KernelFactory. The changes to the files above mentioned will be automatically done with Symfony Flex when you are upgrading to Shopware 6.6 later.

And many more things

  • Webhooks are not triggered anymore for inactive apps
  • The Symfony annotation cache is now explictly cleared to fix bugs after Plugin updates
  • Shopware Redis Decorator bug has been fixed when the RedisTagAware adapter was used
  • Belgian VAT ID validation is now fixed
  • Improved webhook error handling when the response is not a json object
  • The ScoreQuery is now correctly serialized and so recognized by the caching system

Fixed bugs

  • NEXT-30550 | 404 Page has wrong language snippets and not considering the sales channel language (42 votes)
  • NEXT-29439 | In the frontend, the products are displayed twice on several pages with the standard sorting "Topseller" (26 votes)
  • NEXT-28255 | "@RouteScope annotation is deprecated" error, although it was removed from the code already (24 votes)
  • NEXT-29293 | Failed to load resource Inter-roman.latin.var.woff2 (15 votes)
  • NEXT-31459 | New order versions are created but never deleted (13 votes)
  • NEXT-31855 | Deactivating an app doesn't deactivate related webhooks (8 votes)
  • NEXT-32768 | DAL Filter of Admin API produces incorrect results (6 votes)
  • NEXT-32159 | Shopware Commercial throws EmployeeManagementException despite Feature being disabled (2 votes)
  • NEXT-31213 | customer variables in E-Mail-Templates do not work (1 votes)
  • NEXT-31897 | Create a shipping method will be displayed a white window (1 votes)
  • NEXT-32972 | [Commercial] Installing without German language not possible (1 votes)
  • NEXT-31146 | If individual variants are assigned to a category, this is not shown in the category configuration under product assignment. (0 votes)
  • NEXT-32671 | Kernel cache hash when using multiple database urls (0 votes)
  • NEXT-32898 | New Belgian tax ID format does not work (0 votes)


Thanks to all diligent friends for helping us make Shopware better and better with each pull request!

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