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The company component acts as a container for role related entities by providing a minimalistic interface to the different components. This ensures shared functionality. The following graph shows components that are managed in this component:



A shared context for entity creation and update is provided via the AclGrantContext concept. Therefore the components do not have to depend on roles directly but rather on the company context.

Create entity

To create a new entity (managed in the company component), you have to pass the parameter grantContext with an identifier of an AclGrantContext. The newly created entity is automatically assigned to the passed role.

Company filter

The CompanyFilterStruct is used by the company module to filter and search for entities. It extends the SearchStruct by the companyFilterType and aclGrantContext. The correct filter type can be applied by the CompanyFilterHelper. Possible filter types are in the list below:

Filter nameWhat it applies
aclShows only entities which are visible to this grantContext
assignmentShows only entities assigned to this grantContext
inheritanceShows only entities which are visible to this or inherited grantContexts