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2020-08-12 - Handling feature flags

2020-08-12 - Handling feature flags

Superseded by Feature flags for major versions


This document represents an architecture decision record (ADR) and has been mirrored from the ADR section in our Shopware 6 repository. You can find the original version here


We need a decent definition how we should capsulate feature changes with a feature flag. The Goal for this adr is to have a final definition for all common cases. This adr should be used as a reference to implement a feature and get sure a MR can be merged and takes account to any of the defined points here.

What has to be behind a flag

  • Everything that can be reached from external calls (routes, api definitions, schema, etc) needs to be hidden behind the flag.
  • Code, which is changed or introduced by the new feature, should not be executed.
  • Everything that is not possible to hide (new constants, new classes) needs to be annotated

Detailed cases

New Entity Definitions

New Entity Definitions have to be hidden behind the flag in the container.

New Services and other classes (subscriber, event, resolver)

New Services have to be hidden behind the flag in the container.

Changes in current classes

Changes inside current classes should be conditioned with the flag.

Additions to current classes

Access to new constants or public functions cannot be prevented by the feature flag system. In this case you have to annotate the not available part with an @internal (flag:FEATURE_NEXT_1128) comment

//@internal (flag:FEATURE_NEXT_1128)
const NEW_FEATURE_CONST = true;

New Routes

New Routes have to return the NotFoundHttpException if the flag is not active.


Don't annotate planned deprecations with the official @deprecated annotation, to avoid making deprecations public before the feature is released. (Everything behind a feature flag is unstable and can be removed and changed at any time). Instead, use the annotation @feature-deprecated (flag:FEATURE_NEXT_1128). This annotation will be replaced with the real @deprecated annotation when the feature flag will be removed.