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💡 This checklist does not cover project specific configurations like cms pages, specific presentations, etc. The only intention of the checklist is to provide a fully working plugin at every step and make it ready to use in terms of administration and end-user experience.

Shopware fundamentals

  • Shopware 6 is available on the web over HTTPS.
  • PWA plugin for Shopware 6 is installed.
  • Shopware PWA is generated and available as a public URL over HTTPS.

External services

  • service is available on the web over HTTPS with the required settings.
  • service is available on the web with default settings.

Plugin Setup

  • The plugin is installed with no errors and is available in the “Marketing” section.

  • The plugin is set up with settings based on the configuration of external services.

Refresh Shopware PWA

  • An instance of Shopware PWA is rebuilt using yarn build and redeployed.

Now it is time to set up the presentations and prepare the appointments in order to start using the Guided Shopping.