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In general, Shopware CMS creates and manages content using blocks and elements.

The CMS plugin allows you to easily add and organize these CMS blocks, which are reusable sections of content that can be placed on multiple pages. You can customize the appearance and layout of these blocks. To create engaging and visually appealing pages within these blocks, you can add and configure various content elements such as text, images, videos, sliders, and more. Additionally, the CMS plugin enables you to add data to their content elements, such as product information, categories, or dynamic content from APIs.

Furthermore, the CMS feature core functions can be accessed and managed through the Shopware Admin SDK. This provides developers with tools and APIs to interact with the CMS functionality, allowing for more advanced customization.

Overall, the plugin facilitates you to create, customize, and manage engaging content on your website. Through blocks, elements, and the flexibility the Admin SDK provides, businesses can create visually appealing pages with dynamic and relevant content to enhance the user experience.