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The following articles gives you an idea of roles. Also it guides you on creating your own permissions via app or plugin for the B2B Employee Management component.

B2B permissions

Use permissions to restrict access to certain information or functionalities within the B2B Components. For example, the B2B supervisor can restrict which employee can manage the company's employee accounts.


Permissions are divided into individual groups that have a logical relationship to each other.


A permission can be dependent on another permission, without which this permission cannot be used. For example, if a role is created with the permission to edit employee accounts, this role must also have the permission to view employee accounts. This is because the employee.edit permission depends on the permission.

Shopware base permissions

The following permissions are already included and used in the B2B Employee Management component. More "base" permissions will be duly added with future B2B Components.

GroupPermissionDependencies, employee.edit, employee.edit