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B2B Components

B2B Components

The B2B Components allow merchants to selectively choose and configure B2B capabilities according to their needs. They offer merchants the ability to craft a tailored B2B ecommerce experience for their business partners while also allowing agencies to fine-tune Shopware to meet specific requirements. This means that B2B Components can be individually activated or deactivated for each business partner.

In the world of digital B2B commerce, where businesses engage with other companies, we emphasize this vital distinction through these specific features :

  • Employee Management enables B2B Merchants to create a buyer platform for their business partners.

  • Quote Managements covers Sales Representative related jobs around negotiating quotes with customers.

  • Order Approval allows for a more controlled buying process by introducing an approval workflow.

  • Quick Order and Order List takes care of distinctive B2B buying behaviors.

  • Digital Sales Composables aims to provide a set of composable frontends to cover more complex Sales Representative jobs.