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Meteor Admin SDK

Meteor Admin SDK

The Meteor Admin SDK is an NPM library for Shopware 6 apps and plugins that need an easy way to extend or customize the administration.

To write advanced apps, its recommended that you use the Meteor Admin SDK. It contains helper functions to communicate with the Administration, execute actions, subscribe to data or extend the user interface. It has many more features and is more flexible.

  • 🏗 Works with Shopware 6 Apps and Plugins: You can use the SDK for your plugins or apps. API usage is identical.
  • 🎢 Shallow learning curve: You don't need to have extensive knowledge about the internals of the Shopware 6 Administration. Our SDK hides the complicated stuff behind a beautiful API.
  • 🧰 Many extension capabilities: Includes throwing notifications, accessing context information, extending the current UI and more. The feature set of the SDK will gradually be extended, providing more possibilities and flexibility for your ideas and solutions.
  • 🪨 A stable API with great backwards compatibility: Don't fear Shopware updates anymore. Breaking changes in this SDK are an exception. If you use the SDK, your apps and plugins will stay stable for a longer time, without any need for code maintenance.
  • 🧭 Type safety: The whole SDK is written in TypeScript which provides great autocompletion support and more safety for your apps and plugins.
  • 💙 Developer experience: Have a great development experience right from the start. And it will become better and better in the future.
  • 🪶 Lightweight: The whole library is completely tree-shakable and dependency-free. Every functionality can be imported granularly to keep your bundle as small and fast as possible.

Go to Installation to get started. Or check out the quick start guide.