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Configure Searchable Fields

Configure Searchable Fields

Search entities and their searchable fields are stored in advanced_search_config and advanced_search_config_field table respectively.

These configured fields help to build the search query when a search/suggest request is sent from the client.

This approach is very similar to how product_search_config and product_search_config_field work in the platform. The main difference is you can configure the configuration by sales channel instead of by language (each sales channel now has its own search config).



To have the custom search configuration, you need to add a migration to insert the configuration into the database. In the below example, we add default search configuration for product, manufacturer, and category entities

@Refer: \Shopware\Commercial\Migration\Migration1680751315SWAGAdvancedSearch_AddAdvancedSearchConfigurationDefaults

And you might want to add the configuration for newly created saleschannel as well: @Refer: \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Subscriber\SalesChannelCreatedSubscriber