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Add feature flag support for Storefront SCSS

Add feature flag support for Storefront SCSS


This document represents an architecture decision record (ADR) and has been mirrored from the ADR section in our Shopware 6 repository. You can find the original version here


  • There is no possibility to check for feature flags inside the Storefront SCSS.
  • Altering the SCSS depending on a feature flag will require workarounds like e.g. "making up" and additional class in the template and use the feature toggle in twig instead.
    • The SCSS of a selector which is hidden behind a feature flag will still be in the compiled CSS.
  • It is not easily possible to make breaking changes inside SCSS functions, mixins or variables backward-compatible with the use of feature flags.


  • Add the possibility to check for feature flags inside SCSS, similar to the twig implementation.
  • The feature configuration from Feature::getAll() is converted to a SCSS map inside \Shopware\Storefront\Theme\ThemeCompiler::getFeatureConfigScssMap.
    • This SCSS map is always added to the SCSS string which gets processed by \Shopware\Storefront\Theme\ThemeCompiler::compileTheme.
    • For webpack hot-proxy the var/config_js_features.json is used instead.
  • The SCSS map looks like this: $sw-features: ("FEATURE_NEXT_1234": false, "FEATURE_NEXT_1235": true);
  • A globally available function feature() is used to read inside the SCSS map if a desired feature is active.


body {
    @if feature('FEATURE_NEXT_1') {
        background-color: #ff0000;
    } @else {
        background-color: #ffcc00;


The feature dump file var/config_js_features.json is now used by the Storefront webpack configuration src/Storefront/Resources/app/storefront/webpack.config.js. When the feature dump cannot be found, all features will be disabled/false inside webpack.config.js and hot-proxy SCSS. A warning is shown in this case with the request to execute bin/console feature:dump manually.