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Customize Components

Customize Components

Only for cms-base package

The directory structure is only relevant, if you want to customize the components of the cms-base package. If you are using a custom template, you can place components where you want, because you handle their resolution by yourself. In that case skip to Create Elements.

Create new files

In order to customize a component, you need to override it. The process is the same regardless what type of component you want to override

  • Sections
  • Blocks
  • Elements

To do so, you need to create a file with the same name as the component in the components/cms directory.

├─ components/
|  ├─ cms/
|  ├─ ├─ CmsBlockImageHighlightRow.vue

Now the CMS module will automatically resolve that file based on the name and you can start writing your component.

Additional Example

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