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🙋‍♀️ How to use these example?

Just copy the code snippet and paste it into your project. Sometimes it's useful to create a new component and use it in a higher level component like a page or a layout.

Simple cart

This cart is position in a sticky position on the right side of your screen and contains a basic overview of all products, including their price, quantities and the total price.

Preview for medium screen size
<script setup lang="ts">
const { count, refreshCart, cartItems, removeItem, totalPrice } = useCart();

onMounted(() => {
    class="fixed right-0 bg-white top-0 w-96 h-screen bg-blue p-6 shadow-lg z-10"
    <h2 class="text-xl">Your Basket</h2>
    <span class="text-sm">{{ count }} items</span>
    <div v-for="item in cartItems" :key="" class="flex gap-3 my-5">
        class="mr-4 h-24 w-24 flex-shrink-0 overflow-hidden rounded-md border border-gray-200"
          v-if="item.type == 'product'"
          class="h-full w-full object-cover object-center"
      <div class="flex justify-between grow">
          <p class="font-medium mb-3">{{ item.label }}</p>
          <p class="text-gray-600 text-xs">{{ item.quantity }}</p>
        <div class="text-right flex flex-col justify-between">
          <p>$ {{ item.price.totalPrice }}</p>
            class="text-blue-600 cursor-pointer hover:underline"
            @click="removeItem({ id: })"
      class="mt-10 py-10 border-t border-gray-200 text-lg flex justify-between"
      <span>Total</span><span>$ {{ totalPrice }}</span>