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Product Listing

🙋‍♀️ How to use these example?

Just copy the code snippet and paste it into your project. Sometimes it's useful to create a new component and use it in a higher level component like a page or a layout.

Condensed product listing

This listing shows the product name and price with soft hover effects and a fade-in animation.

Preview for small screen size
<script setup lang="ts">
import { useProductSearchSuggest } from "@shopware-pwa/composables-next";
import { getTranslatedProperty } from "@shopware-pwa/helpers-next";

const { search, searchTerm, getTotal, getProducts } = useProductSearchSuggest();

onMounted(() => {
  // Replace that with your custom logic to fetch products
  searchTerm.value = "sal";

const addProductAndRefresh = async ({ id }) => {
  await addProduct({ id });

const { addProduct, refreshCart } = useCart();

    class="grid grid-cols-2 md:grid-cols-4 gap-3 max-w-screen-xl mx-auto p-3 transition-opacity pt-32"
    :class="[getTotal > 0 ? 'opacity-100' : 'opacity-0']"
    <div v-for="product in getProducts" :key="" class="h-96 group">
      <div class="h-48">
          class="h-full w-full object-cover bg-white cursor-pointer overflow-hidden"
            class="w-full h-full object-cover group-hover:scale-110 transition-all duration-300"
        <div class="h-36 py-5 font-light flex flex-col justify-between">
            class="text-xl line-clamp-1 mb-2 group-hover:text-gray-800"
            @click="addProduct({ id: })"
            {{ getTranslatedProperty(product, "name") }}
          <p class="text-gray-700 group-hover:text-gray-500">
            {{ product.calculatedPrice.totalPrice }} €
          class="bg-gray-300 p-2 h-12 flex items-center justify-center text-gray-800 cursor-pointer hover:bg-gray-400"
          @click="addProductAndRefresh({ id: })"
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