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Custom Products extension

Custom Products extension

The example explains how Custom Products feature is implemented in vue-demo-store template (already done), but also can be used as a guide how to deal with the process in any project.

Custom Products for Shopware 6 is an extension that is part of the Shopware Rise plan.

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Logic: Composable function

See the source code of useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator composable function.

The composable is a main place to keep the logic related to custom product features:

  • adds TypeScript types
  • stores the state
  • extracts the custom product's specific data
  • exposes method for adding to cart
  • serializes the state to be in a correct format for the request's payload (adding to cart)

Example of usage:


Works only if the useProduct is fulfilled and the product data is known. Typically on Product Details Page, when the product context is provided.

Visit the useProduct reference to see more details.

// useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator is autoimported
// in vue-demo-store template as it's located in ~/composables
const {
  isActive, // indicates whether product is empowered by Custom Products extension and active
  customizedProduct, // returns the custom product's template data
  state, // state to be used in option selector / forms
  addToCart, // triggers add to cart action (refreshCart() action invoked afterwards)
  handleFileUpload, // uploads an image, then gets mediaId from API and assigns it to the state
} = useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator();

Presentation: Vue component

See the source code of the ProductCustomizedProductConfigurator Vue component.

The component is responsible for:

  • Displaying product options in any type: text field, image upload, select, color select, image select (this one has to be fixed in the core to get the URL's of the images)
  • Showing corresponding additional price and currency of an option


Add the mentioned component in a template. For instance in <ProductStatic/> for templates that not come from CMS:

<!-- part of templates/vue-demo-store/components/product/ProductStatic.vue -->
<!-- Options -->
<div class="mt-4 lg:mt-0 lg:row-span-3">
  <h2 class="sr-only">Product information</h2>
  <div class="product-variants mt-10">
    <ProductPrice :product="product" />
    <ProductUnits :product="product" class="text-sm" />
    <ProductVariantConfigurator @change="handleVariantChange" />
    <ProductCustomizedProductConfigurator /> <!-- ADDED -->
    <ProductAddToCart :product="product" />

Overwrite a logic in <ProductAddToCart/> (or any other responsible for adding a product to cart in your template):

// part of templates/vue-demo-store/components/product/ProductAddToCart.vue;
// the <script setup lang="ts"> section
const {
  addToCart: customizedProductAddToCart,
  isActive: isCustomizedProductActive,
} = useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator();

const addToCartProxy = async () => {
  if (isCustomizedProductActive.value) {
    await customizedProductAddToCart();
  } else {
    await addToCart();

Used composable function allows to use addToCart() method and isActive computed property. Both are described in "Example of usage" chapter above.

There was a condition added to use a different method to add to cart a product if the product is enhanced by Custom Product template (how to set it up):

  • if the product has a Custom Product template, then use customizedProductAddToCart() method.
  • otherwise, don't change the adding to cart behavior and use the default one

Known issues

  • Missing images for "Image select" option type (reported in the extension repository)
  • Missing cover image (aka thumbnail) for Custom Product in the Cart (reported in the extension repository)
  • Display selected option for Cart Item (Issue reported)